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Angela Maynard

P.A to Alyshia Marshall

Angela serves as Alyshia's indispensable Personal Assistant (PA), leveraging her extensive background in sales and retail to enrich her role. With a wealth of experience, she possesses a distinct skill set that amplifies her efficacy as a PA. Angela's proficiency in client relations, adeptness in customer service, and meticulous attention to detail are paramount in her current position. Her proactive attitude, steadfast commitment, and fervent approach contribute significantly to Alyshia's team, rendering her an invaluable asset.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Angela finds fulfillment in her role as a devoted spouse and parent to two delightful children. Her personal pursuits include a deep-seated love for poetry and a keen interest in breeding tropical fish. This fusion of professional acumen and personal passions underscores Angela's multifaceted nature, cementing her status as an exceptionally well-rounded and impactful member of the team.