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Avi Kumar

Licensed Salesperson


Avi brings a new level of energy and skill to real estate sales, he has a strong
understanding of the modern marketing methods that salespeople of today require,
including leveraging social media to promote properties, mass marketing via database
outlets and the use of professional services such as home stagers, high-quality
photographers and videographers. Whatever it takes to get the job done, Avi has the
resources to get results.
While being professionally fluent in English, Avi has a multi-cultural background
giving him the ability to network, negotiate and close sales with more than one ethnic
group making him a strong asset in multi-cultural Auckland. He also has a Bachelor
of Sciences degree in Environmental and Geospatial Sciences giving him an
understanding of the land under his feet well beyond that of the typical salesperson.
In his 3 years of sales, his ethical approach to his business, hardworking nature,
empathy and genuine understanding of his clients' needs have already proven to be
a true asset to both his clients and his customers.

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