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Community Sponsorships and Fundraising

A Vanload of Opportunities
Swanson School Principal Leandro Piantelli expressed the school’s urgent need for a new van to facilitate these important activities. With over 570 children attending Swanson School, this new van is a valuable asset to our community. We were thrilled to deliver a new school van to Swanson School, made possible by the support of our clients. By choosing Ray White Swanson to sell your home, we achieved an incredible $25,000 goal. This new van has allowed students to explore, participate in sports, and attend cultural events, reducing the financial burden on parents.

Supporting the Breakfast Club: In addition to the new van, we also donated a commercial toaster to Swanson School’s breakfast club. This initiative helps ensure that children receive a nutritious meal before starting their school day, promoting better learning and well-being.

Swanson School, Waitakere Primary School and Waitakere Kindergarten Annual Galas: We actively support these annual events, fostering community spirit and raising essential funds for local schools and kindergartens. We love watching our tamariki have fun, so what better way than to supply bouncy castles, vertical bungees, candy floss, tractor rides, you name it!

Community Coffee Cart: On the first Sunday of every month, we offer free coffees and hot drinks to our local community, bringing people together and creating a warm, welcoming environment. We love getting to know our neighbourhood!

TradeMe Grant Application: We successfully applied for a $5,000 TradeMe grant, which we allocated towards Swanson School, furthering our commitment to providing essential resources for education.

PTA Fundraising Events: We are proud to participate in and support various fundraising events organised by Parent-Teacher Associations, contributing to the enhancement of educational experiences for our children. Beats by Bingo, Quiz Nights, you’ll find us there, taking part in all the action and fun!